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Awaken from your sleep... Experiment... Chaos... Blood... Do you remember what happened? Are you ready to fight for your survival? Grab now the best offer for Prey CD Key Steam with G4less and discover the truth behind experiments that lead the cosmic base Talos 1 to devastation. The game offers a tense thrill and dynamic fight.

Prey CD Key Steam

Go to 2032 year, Talos Space Station I. Scientists selected you to perform an experiment. An experiment that should change all mankind. After an attack by extraterrestrials, you seem to become the only one... lost in space. Now you have to prove that you have what it takes to survive. While you are being chased by deadly creatures, you will have the possibility to use tools for survival or as deadly weapons. Somehow as a result of the experiment you have also gained some superhuman skills. Are you ready to change Talos I faith?


  • In a search for your past, you will often have to decipher hidden clues and find out information about your life. As Morgan Yu, you will reveal TranStar's plans and find out what role you play in this experiment.
  • An enthralling environment with unique stations settled in the 60s.
  • The danger lurks everywhere. Be alert and destroy your enemies in the right moment before they destroy you. The extraterrestrial beings have formed their own ecosystem, so that Talos I is nothing like it seems before.
  • Select your own difficulty level. By the parameters you can create your personal playing experience from the beginning.
  • Through your superhuman abilities, you will gain additional forces. Customize your skills to gain the advantage over your opponent. Build tools and weapons that will help you survive the Talos I.

Compare prices with G4less to get the best offer and prepare yourself for a demanding gameplay. Prey CD Key Steam will give you an immediate access to the digital download. No longer physical copies are required. 

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